The M

"The M" Team:


Mark is the primary coder of our game. If it wasn't for him, this game would likely be limited to a personal game plaed on a piece of paper, and that not many people know about. He has been working with our group ever since Mikey first shared his idea.


She usually creates many of the graphics and models used for all of the different objects in the game. Her drawings are definitely the best of all of ours, so that's why she got the job. "The M" looks really nice from all the time and effort she put into the trial and error of graphic designing.


Mikey helps out alot with coming up with how the game and the items would function. He keeps the steps simple and direct though, so Mark can implement them really quickly. Mikey was also the original inventor of "The M" before adding the rest of us to the team


Megan is "the voice of our group." She helps spread the word of "The M" to other people. She also desins the webpadge and other simple graphic and text needs. Because of her, many more people know about our game than if we