Countng up?

There are three common number systems used.

They are all different, but which one is actually the best to use?

Comparing the Numbers
Information Category: Number Systems:
Binary Decimal Hexadecimal
Number of digits 2 (0,1) 10 (0-9) 16 (0-9,A-F)
Reason for existance as is Computes understand two values easily Humans have ten fingers, so we made a system based on ten Easily interpreted to/from binary
How much you can count on fingers 1023 10 (technically using Unary) Not possible
Conversions 2^the bit place - 1 if place value is 1, then add everything up for decimal Awkward converting to either system Each digit represents a combination of 4 binary bits (0=0000,1=0001,2=0010...E=1110,F=1111)
Math Very easy addition/subtraction, bits just overflow into the next one. You likely use this one. Similar to decimal, just 6 more digits

As you can see, all three have very different uses. The best pick would just depend on what you are doing.

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