News of Today

New Expansion to Store!

On April 23, Hayes store will begin construction on a new portion for selling goods. Once construction is completed, there will be many new items added to the store.

Mr. Hayes is very excited about the addition to his store. He has recently stated The more variety, the more appealing! He is planning on moving some of the larger groups of non-food items to this area and rearranging and adding to the other sections to fill in the new space.

Moving on to some customer opinions, we have heard many different sides of the construction. One person has stated that they were worried about having time to shop for groceries farther away, but their fear was settled when an announcement was made that the food segment will remain open during the duration of construction. Another customer was excited at the fact that there would be more products that they could buy, while others were neutral to the construction.

Although this topic was an interesting subject to inform the public about, there are many other topics to have attention put into, so that is all for today!

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